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Frequently Asked Questions:

Greater Pee Dee

Serving Horry, Georgetown, and Marion Counties

Below are some of the commonly asked questions in relation to our local chapter of CEF (the Greater Pee Dee Chapter).​

  • How long has CEF been around?

CEF was founded in 1937 and has been active ever since. Locally, the Greater Pee Dee Chapter has been actively at work since 2001.

  • Can you really go into the public schools?

​​Yes! The Gospel has been taught freely in public schools all over the world for some time. Now children in the U.S. have that opportunity, too!  In 2001 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Good News Clubs v. Milford Central School that Good News Clubs can meet in public schools in the United States after school hours on the same terms as other community groups. Children attend Good News Club with their parents' permission.

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  • Do I really need training?

Yes. No matter what qualifications you have, there is always more to learn when we are talking about teaching the Bible, the depths of the Gospel, and discipleship. Even though the message is what truly matters (see the CEF Statement of Faith), the method that CEF uses in all of its ministries is the Wordless Book. We seek to keep this consistent for the children and provide a common frame of reference for the teachers and volunteers. Therefore, whether it is a refresher or if you have never received training like this before, if you are serving with CEF training is a requirement. As a believer and disciple of Christ, we strongly encourage you to take additional training and classes provided by CEF so that you can be better equipped, can help those you are serving alongside, and so that you will grow in your spiritual walk. All of this training is ultimately discipleship training because it is focused and centered on the Gospel, spiritual growth, and the work of God.

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  • If I support CEF, will my donation stay local?

Donations made to CEF support the local work and are governed by the local committee. Specifically, 90% stays in the Greater Pee Dee Chapter and we send 10% to develop and support the work across thestate of SC. There are still areas in SC that do not have an active CEF work, schools that don't have Good News Club, and churches and individuals who want to reach children but lack the training to effectively do so. The stronger the work of the ministry is across the state of SC, the stronger our chapter will be because more children will be growing up in the Word, will participate in the work, and other chapters will help in efforts that support our local chapter (many hands make light work). We are a fellowship, and this 10% is one way we are able to tithe and see God work across our great state of SC. To see how our local Greater Pee Dee uses your donation, check out our annual report here.

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  • How are the local CEF staff supported/paid?

100% by the donations given within the Greater Pee Dee Chapter. When local individuals and churches cease giving to CEF, the CEF staff go without and the local ministry shrinks. The local committee (100% of which are local individuals with a heart for reaching the children) determine each of the budget items for the Greater Pee Dee Chapter, including salaries for each of the staff members.

  • What do the CEF staff do?

The local CEF staff are charged by the local committee to grow, support, and guide the local ministry. This includes but is not limited too: establishing new Good News Clubs, teaching volunteers, processing volunteer applications, supporting and overseeing the local Good News Clubs and other ministries of CEF, keeping the work legal and safe, discipling believers,  supporting churches and their outreach to children, creating/ordering/producing/distributing materials, promoting the work of prayer, sharing the passion of this work with others, training others to share Christ effectively and how to disciple them once they have received Christ, and many more adventures, details, and items for prayer. There is much to be done... more than we can do. The work of ministry is a work of faithful obedience to God's call. You may or may not be financially supported for the ministry that you do, but all of us are called to be a witness, to be engaged in ministry, and to support missions. The CEF staff are thankful for those of you who support this (often overlooked and neglected) work which in part allow them to invest their time in reaching and discipling children and helping others do so too.