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2023 Schedule for the Greater Pee Dee Chapter

Application Deadline: March 27

  • May 13, 9:00-5:30: Orientation and Pre-Training
  • May 27, 8:30-3:00: Day Apart
  • June 11-17: Training School at CIU
  • June 19-23: Field Training
  • Weeks of 5-Day Clubs: June 26-June 30, July 10-14, 17-21, 24-28
  • CYIA Dessert Celebration Day: July 27

Please plan vacations and doctor appointments the week of July 4 

or in August.


Greater Pee Dee

Serving Horry, Georgetown, and Marion Counties

Application Deadline: March 27

CYIA™ (Christian Youth In Action) is a CEF summer program where high school and college age students (ages 15-22) are trained to conduct 5-Day Clubs. After two weeks of intensive training, these summer missionaries conduct several 5-Day Clubs a day in Horry, Georgetown, and Marion counties during June-July.

The CYIA summer missionaries impact thousands of children. Meanwhile, their own spiritual lives are also dramatically changed as they discover how God has called them. For many, this experience of full-time missionary work serves as a catalyst for future ministry work, possibly as educators, pastors, missionaries, etc.



  • Can anyone join?

Well, yes and no. Yes, anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior may apply. You should be growing in your faith and have a consistent walk with God. You must also be in agreement with our Statement of Faith which is included in our application. However, if you have not yet gained a relationship with Christ, this program is not for you... yet. Speak with a Christian friend or pastor to find out how you can enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Take a year to really grow in your faith and then try us again. Oh, yeah – you must be between the ages of 15 through college age.

  • What is the cost?

There is a cost to participate in the program. Please contact the CEF office to find out more.

The cost covers training school (including room, board, and recreation), materials, and travel for the summer. There are options available for how this cost can be covered - but think of it like you would a missions trip or week of camp, there is a cost but it is SO worth it!

  • What is the deadline to apply?

The deadlines are listed above. You should completely fill out your application and submit it to the CEF office by this date. There are some reference forms that must be completed as well so you shouldn’t wait until the day before the deadline to get started.

  • Can I serve in my hometown?

Although we have opportunities for you to serve in other countries, yes you will begin here at your own hometown. This gives you the experience of missions work with the convenience of home. Also, children in your own hometown need Christ as badly as children from other areas so you’ll be doing a great and needed work.

  • I need a summer job. How can I do both?

Well, you may not be able to do both. You should first carefully pray about this decision and be sure this is God’s will for your summer. If you feel sure it is, then don’t let anything stop you from obeying – even if it seems impossible. Please give us a call at the CEF office to talk more.

  • I’m going on a missions trip or camp with my church. Can I do both?

No... in this area of service, people are depending on you each day. You have to commit to all the dates listed above. This is a high calling and needed work that requires a high commitment. However, if you would like, call our CEF office and talk to Dustin to see if there are any possible exceptions. 

  • When does this take place?

Refer to the schedule above. Pre-training is a part of the Christian Youth In Action state-wide training school in June. Then, field training and several weeks of ministry reaching boys and girls with the Gospel in your own community along with other students from your area. This, my friend is simply awesome. Nothing like it!

  • Who is in charge of this program?

Child Evangelism Fellowship is the world largest children’s ministry reaching over 10 million children last year with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ve been around for over 80 years and boy, has God taught us a thing or two about children’s ministry. You can learn more by exploring this local website, the state website at, or our national and international website at

  • What will I be doing in this program?

You will grow as a disciple as you learn how to share your faith, the Good News of Jesus Christ, with boys and girls ages 5-12 in local hometown daycares, apartment complexes, community centers, and homes. Normally you will be assigned with other students to go to three or four locations a day for five consecutive days. You’ll sing songs, play games, and teach memory verses and Bible lessons with a Gospel emphasis and invitation. You could reach literally hundreds of children with the Gospel this summer and even see many accept God’s gift of forgiveness and eternal life!

  • I have taken a class in sharing my faith before. Do I really need to go to the training school?

Yep. It’s good that you have had some training, but we teach you how to share the Gospel in very simplistic terms we call “childrenese.” Plus, for you to really use the materials provided for you this summer, it may be good to know how they work. Not only that, but you really don't want to miss out on the great speakers, live music, and new friends you’ll gain at the training school. 

  • What is my first step to become a summer missionary?

Your first step is prayer. Ask God for his wisdom and guidance about this major decision. Don’t take this lightly. This is a major commitment – to God. Like God’s Word says, you need to count the cost. Then, you should fill out the application before the deadline listed above. You’ll have an interview process and may have a few other things but these are your first steps.

  • I’m not sure about this.  Is there someone I could talk to?

Sure. Call our office at (843) 365-4233 or send an email to There are representatives there ready to answer your questions, pray with you, and assist you. Hey, don’t be afraid – they’re pretty nice folks who really care about people just like you!

  • What about family vacations?

No. You have to commit to all the dates listed above. However, if that means you would be alone, we would be glad to work with you and your parents on a solution.

  • When will I find out if I’ve been approved to serve this summer?

Application processing can take 2 to 4 weeks, so be patient. We will contact you as soon as a decision has been made.

  • Why do you have an application process?

Honestly, we are looking for students who are sincere about their faith and desire to make the name of Christ famous. The application process helps us to get to know you. We also take great care to be sure that we are sending students that are ready for the demands of missions service.  We don’t want to send you out to fail knowing you may not be quite ready for this type of adventure.

  • Can my friend come with me and be a summer missionary also?

That would be great! Of course, just like you, your friend will need to count the cost of a full summer of service and fill out an application. Then, pray for one another, seeking only that God’s Will be done for both of your lives.