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Handout for new prospective volunteers or renewing volunteers

Annual Service Agreement

​Signed every year by every volunteer. 

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You are on the front lines! You know better than anyone about how Good News Club is impacting children, families, the Church, and the volunteers that are serving alongside you. What a blessing it is that we are working together to reach the unreached and grow together as disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Here you can find resources to help you in your church and Good News Club.

Greater Pee Dee

Serving Horry, Georgetown, and Marion Counties

We would love to hear from you!  Please call us:  ​(843) 365-4233

PO Box 2973

Conway, SC 29528

CEF  Song Demonstrations

Interested in starting forming your own GNC team to start a GNC at another elementary school or in your community? 
Contact the CEF office at  (843) 365-4233.

Submit your Statistics!

These statistics are important because they give a small report on how God is working in your club, in ministry to children, and through CEF. We do not track these in order to see "big numbers," though it can be reason to celebrate. We track these to give report that God is indeed working. Remember our mission (the Great Commission) is to make disciples... not just converts. As a ministry, we would rather see disciples who know the Gospel and are following Christ rather than children who say they believe but bear no fruit. 

CEF tracks these stats to give a general report of what God is doing. After Christ sent out the disciples to do ministry, what did He require of them when they returned? To give a report of what happened (Luke 9:10). The early church expected the same after Paul and others when they returned from their missionary trips

(Acts 14:27). In CEF, we follow the stats to see what God has done through your obedience to where Christ has sent you. 

Demonstrations of the Bible lessons and memory verses for each lesson series have been created for you as a study tool. Keep in mind that they are not designed to substitute for a live demonstration, a lesson in an actual club, or another teaching time with children. As you watch these demonstrations to help you prepare, you will see the elements that should be included in your lesson as well as interactive ideas to help keep the children engaged. Remember to study your Bible and the lesson text and not these videos as you prepare for the lesson you will teach.